Smell of musk, of woods, of burning wood.
The scent of wildflowers and the intoxicating sound of the wind making its way through the leaves.
Flora is born from all this, from nature that awakens all the senses.
She’s bark, petals, roots and leaves.


A language unknown to all but familiar to everyone.
Numerology, astrology and alchemical symbols create a unique code for each individual, not entirely human.
it is possible that in a dream dimension some celestial creatures come closer to gift us a new language, unique for each being who decides to wear it.


Through words, humans describe what they see, what they hear, what makes them alive. They then transmit these feelings to other human beings in the form of songs, poems, books or films.
Poetics immortalizes those little phrases that made us shiver, even if only for once.


Looking at the night sky we feel part of that expanse of small magical lights, hanging over our heads.
They look at us, they protect us, they show us the way home when we are lost.
Part of our essence is made of that light, and I wanted to represent that beautiful aura in this way.